Caramel Sensations

19 January 2015

Valentine's Day Collection

For Valentine’s Day, Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat, composes chocolate poetry, well-versed in sweetness.

The elegance of rich, smooth caramel is a revelation in this collection with reinvented notes that push the limits of how caramel is perceived.

Imbued with love and romance, this collection plays on suggestive sensations. A seductive game of hide-and-seek, where gourmand savoir-faire reveals itself through the perfect touch of fruit, the unusual crunch of a praliné, or the unexpected hint of sugar. The innovative caramel blends respond to and balance each other for a perfectly harmonious taste.

Chocolates of love and romance to be shared, whispered about and dreamt of.

Woody Accent
Graceful and elegant, this dark chocolate ganache of Venezuelan pure cru Criollo unveils a rich cocoa flavor with accents of delicate woody caramel prolonged by notes of roasted cacao beans.

Caramel Fusion
A sweet, heart-stopping milk chocolate ganache with well-rounded notes. The Rooibos red tea infusion, tempered by maple syrup with its woody and honey tones, results in a slightly sweet caramel; the stuff that dreams are made of.

Fruity Revelation
Pineapples from Costa Rica and fresh ginger add pizzazz to this lively dark chocolate ganache. Ginger teases out bursts of sweet roasted pineapple, aromatic and elegantly subtle.

Crunchy Heart
A play on textures that are both crunchy and silky borrows another sensation from caramel. This crunchy heart of dark chocolate with a praliné with pure Piedmontese hazelnuts is synonymous with gourmandise. Enriched with slivers of finely caramelized biscuits, it’s simply irresistible!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Collection available in all of our boutiques and on our online boutique.

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