Reach for the stars

Starlit Night - Chrismats Collection 2017
10 October 2017

Christmas Collection 2017

A world without stars is a world without dreams…
In an imaginary playground all his own, Nicolas Cloiseau indulges his taste for dreaming. Instinctively, he turns his at tention to stars. With broad strokes of the most meticulous minutia, he plays with astonishing details to fashion a starry night brightened by dreams. His chocolate unveils a fascinating world: whether adorned in gold or light, his stars are unique, nocturnal jewels and some even tower at dizzying heights. Chocolate is pushed to its limit, pierced with light. In just one starry night, he emblazons the magic of the Holidays with the refinement of meticulous craftsmanship.
"The Grand Star", 1200€ piece, one size only (7kg), height is 68cm, limited edition artistic piece, made entirely by hand.

Tracking the stars…

Nicolas Cloiseau joins up with the next generation to prolong his starry dream. An entire universe, inspired and stirring, created by Alex and Marine*. For La Maison du Chocolat, they take down the stars and suspend the midnight blue dreams. The night will be even more beautiful ensconced in this double game of original art. Straight out of their pictorial universe, their collection showcases captivating graphics with a nocturnal edge.

When Nicolas Cloiseau explores the delicaices of Christmas...
- Four stars underscore the art of chocolate devoted to gourmandise. A study in contrast of tastes and textures, this quartet composes a score of new addictions. Nuances of sensations reveal the finesse of nuts and fruits, candied, crunchy and silky with irresistible associations.
Bouchées Mendiant "Starlit Night" Gift Box, 28€
- Five new creations for a fruity collection where Mara des Bois, imbued with orange blossom water, dreams of chocolate, the citrus duo of Kumquat / Kalamansi is side by side with candied zest, almond paste toys with chocolate, the mendiant is nibbled on piece by piece, and the dark Brazilian chocolate ganache unveils its chocolate side smit ten with passionfruit.
"Starlit Night" Collection, from 22€ the gift box with 15 pieces

*Alex & Marine
These two ar tists, aka “Wall Tattoo Artists” work with the balance between perception, design and graphic games. The intensity of their creations, as seen in their meticulous work in black and white, draws us right into a magical universe. Their almost dream-like ar tistry is inspired by nature, animals and plants. This talented duo will do whatever it takes, from personalization to innovation, to make each one of their creations unique.
Alex & Marine / Costume 3 Pièces


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The grand star - Christmas 2017
The grand star - Christmas 2017
The Advent Calendar - Christmas 2017
The Advent Calendar - Christmas 2017
Starlit Night Bouchées Mendiant - Christmas 2017
Starlit Night Bouchées Mendiant - Christmas 2017
Starlit Night - Chrismats Collection 2017
Starlit Night - Chrismats Collection 2017
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