Stolen Moments

06 January 2017

Romantic Parisian Date

Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau’s latest chocolate creations for La Maison du Chocolat invite a Parisian sensory experience. This Valentine’s Day, his approach is light and airy. With his creative eye focused on Parisian scenes, he imagines four lighthearted moments: an espresso (s’il vous plait!) – a bouquet of flowers to brighten your day – a secret Paris rendezvous hidden from view – and finally to end the day, a chic cocktail. Each chocolate is reminiscent of one of these four emblematic Parisian experiences. For lovers of fine taste, Paris is the perfect setting. The refined, elegant flavors perfectly express the romance of the City of Light.
An espresso, s’il vous plaît (Café gourmand)

Parisian mornings are synonymous with the aroma of coffee. Imagine an excellent cup of Hawaiian coffee alongside a milk chocolate mousse served with crispy delicate crêpes. Nicolas Cloiseau interprets this serene moment with a creamy crunchy chocolate filled with sweet round floral notes.

A secret Paris rendezvous, hidden from view (Caramel Apple)

Far from the hustle and bustle of Paris, alone in the calm of a hidden café, Nicolas Cloiseau bites into a caramel apple, the darling of summer fairs: red, tangy and sweet. Apple compote enveloped in caramel gives this milk chocolate the inimitable sensation of a sweet temptation.

A bouquet of flowers, to brighten your day (Floral & Fruit Bouquet)

A small dish of raspberries accompanied by a bouquet of roses and violets. Moments such as these are encapsulated in a chocolate bonbon that is delicate, fruity and floral. Muted rose notes and candied violet balance fresh raspberry.

A chic cocktail to end the day (Cocktail Attire)

What better way to end a busy day than in a hushed corner of an intimate Parisian bar? Nicolas Cloiseau composes his chocolate as if in a cocktail shaker. A dark chocolate ganache unveils an aromatic infusion of lemon, rosemary and lemon basil, subtly accentuated by a round apricot paste.


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