At La Maison du Chocolat, taste is a story of rhythm and movement that unfolds with a beginning, a middle and an end: the finish in the mouth.
Juxtaposing the taste of couverture chocolates, we nuance the chocolate’s expressiveness. We compose soaring melodies and shape high or low notes, positioning delectable whole notes or precise quarter notes to build to an intense, lingering finish in the mouth.
LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT COMPOSES REALMS OF EXPRESSIVENESSN designed to trigger a sensory experience. The sensations never leave you indifferent, inscribing a sensation on the taste buds to transform chocolate into a timeless, memorable moment.
LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT HAS ALWAYS PROUDLY EMBRACED its distinctive difference in the world of chocolate.
Rather than emphasizing a source of cacao beans, or a high percentage of cacao, we place priority on the taste sensations created by our chocolates. What counts for us is the distinctive aromatic characteristics of the cacao, which may range from yellow or dried fruit to woody, floral, honeyed or chocolaty. Because these flavours are what inspire the creativity of the chocolatier. We work closely with leading experts to create our own custom-tailored couvertures from the world’s finest and rarest cacaos, crafted exclusively for La Maison du Chocolat.
APPLYING OUR ART OF “ASSEMBLAGE” we source our own blends of chocolate “vintages” to obtain exclusive and uniquely distinctive tastes, creating the exceptional chocolate that expresses our savoir-faire.


La Maison de Chocolat has never believed that superb quality requires producing our own cacao. After all, no-one expected Mozart to make his own pianos! But we do believe strongly in helping preserve the wealth of expertise needed to transform cacao beans into a precious raw material. Creating a new couverture chocolate is a complex process that cannot be improvised. It draws on very specialized expertise and talents in four different métiers, who collaborate to craft an exceptional product with rigorous attention to a myriad of details.
The cacao sourcer travels the world to find exceptional beans and guarantee consistently superb quality. Planters cultivate the beans, ferment and dry the cacao. The couverturier then roasts the beans and blends the chocolate in a special machine called a conche. And lastly, working with this exceptional raw material, the chocolatier composes chocolate unlike any other...
There are more than 20 different varietal typicities of chocolate that nuance infinite variations in flavour. One contributes roundness, another a lasting finish. Others enhance or add spicy notes. A touch of 100% cacao elevates the intensity, while a hint of milk chocolate imparts softness. La Maison du Chocolat draws on an infinite palette of continually renewed combinations and contrasts that establish the rhythm for our compositions and signature tastes.
THE DISTINCTIVE MAISON DU CHOCOLAT SPIRIT IS REFLECTED IN THE METICULOUS PROFESSIONALISM OF PEOPLE WHO ARE DEEPLY ATTACHED TO THEIR CRAFT. All our chocolates are made by hand in our Atelier in Nanterre, on the outskirts of Paris. Each texture is poured and smoothed out by hand on special marble tables, cut with millimetric precision, delicately enrobed and decorated piece-by-piece with a cornet or fork, always by hand.
The chocolates are individually inspected, selected, sampled and tasted as they are made. This artisanal quality is readily visible in the finesse, smoothness and brilliant sheen of the coating. The chocolates are crafted in small batches of 30 to 50 kg in order to scrupulously respect the recipe. Each gesture requires the patience and savoir-faire of experienced chocolatiers.
DISCERNING GOOD FROM EXCELLENT… AND EXCELLENT FROM EXCEPTIONAL. La Maison du Chocolat has ten master tasters who guarantee the consistency of our unique signature, orchestrating nuances and movement. During their highly technical tasting sessions they choose words to articulate the sensations they feel, guiding everyone who enjoys our chocolates as they delve deeper into their own tasting experiences.

  • Bohème, heart of milk mousse


  • The truffle, the timeless icon


  • Éclair "So chocolat"


  • Sweet & Savoury Collection