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When you walk through the doors of La Maison du Chocolat, you enter a universe of iconic codes that define timeless Parisian chic. Beyond taste, emotions are sparked by the beauty that enrobes chocolate in perfect elegance - a touch that evokes the grain of fine leather, ribbon with cream lettering, a slender graphic line that heightens and embellishes. These hallmarks define the inimitable style of a House that signs, personalizes and treasures each box, transforming the singular and ephemeral pleasures of chocolate into a cult object.
From the nuance of a colour or the graceful bow of a ribbon, to the thickness of a graphic border, no effort is spared in perfecting details, or in guaranteeing impeccable quality. Carrying on the mythic tradition of unique gift boxes is about refining without altering, eluding the obvious year after year. The intangible pleasure of chocolate is rendered material through an accumulation of imperceptible yet elementary details.
Chocolate is celebrated in a myriad of shades, through brown, cognac and havana; mythic codes are revisited in the bright hues of ripe fruit. The original lends itself to every imaginable iteration. Everything must change in order for nothing to change. And that is precisely what inspires the never-ending quest to ensure that each Maison du Chocolat box is perfectly attuned to contemporary times.
The mythic box has travelled through trends and become timeless. Taking cues from the world of fashion, it evokes a distinctive attitude, that innate, natural elegance that comes from exacting craftsmanship and meticulous finishes. Its self-assured confidence is anchored in a refined couture spirit and impeccable taste. It expresses that inimitable Parisian chic, highlights the je-ne-sais-quoi of authentic French allure, deciphers our emotions and our completely French relationship with chocolate.



Chocolate is synonymous with generosity. Nothing else is able to satisfy every caprice, adopt any form and texture, or be enjoyed in so many different circumstances. The gustatory variety of chocolate ranges from creamy sweet to almost astringent bitterness. Chocolate is also unique in that the delight it brings spans generations and cultures.
Chocolate harbours an infinite promise of pleasures, from a cup of hot chocolate or a truffle dusted with cocoa powder, to a bar of milk chocolate or an icy sorbet. Between a full-bodied ganache and feathery chocolate mousse there are a myriad of forms, textures and nuances, and an equally vast array of tastes. The powdered cocoa on a truffle does not awaken the same gustatory experience as a creamy ganache, a crunchy bar or the silky icing on an éclair.
La Maison du Chocolat celebrates chocolate in all its forms: chocolate bonbons, pastries, confiseries, chocolate tarts, 12 different flavours of macarons with a heart of ganache, éclairs, ice cream and sorbet… For all our creations, chocolate always serves as the starting point and the inspiration.

  • Savoury side of chocolate - La Maison du Chocolat
    Savoury side of chocolate


  • Transposing transparencies, sculpting airy spaces - La Maison du Chocolat
    Transposing transparencies, sculpting airy spaces


  • Parisian chic - La Maison du Chocolat
    Parisian chic


  • Chocolate slippers Maison Chatelles - La Maison du Chocolat
    Chocolate slippers Maison Chatelles


  • Macarons of La Maison du Chocolat
    Heart of ganache


  • Noir de cassis - La Maison du Chocolat
    Noir de cassis


  • Truffles of La Maison du Chocolat
    Celebrate colour!


  • Mendiant of La Maison du Chocolat
    Temptation of mendiant