EACH OF OUR CREATIONS IS AN ARCHITECTURE OF SENSATIONS, designed to stimulate emotion, to transport through taste, to inspire wonder. Experiencing La Maison du Chocolat is to feel unique moments that go straight to the heart, from simple pleasures to luscious delights. A surprise, a texture, an invitation to dream, evoking unforgettable memories and luxuriant indulgence.
These are hedonistic pleasures, and also gifts with an inimitable allure, the mark of knowing connoisseurs and exceptional generosity.
La Maison du Chocolat transforms pure emotion into a shared language. Our obsessive attention to detail reveals the intangible emotions that give grandes maisons their exclusive character. We design each of these moments to gradually unfold, an invitation to everyone to begin writing their own very personal “chocolate story”.

THE SHEER BEAUTY and elegance of chocolate inspires emotion, a touch that evokes the grain of fine leather, an elegant cream ribbon, a slender line that heightens and embellishes. These hallmarks define the inimitable style of a Maison that signs, personalizes and treasures each box, transforming the singular and ephemeral pleasures of chocolate into a cult object.
From the nuance of a colour or the supple bow of a ribbon, to the graceful width of a line, no effort is spared in perfecting details and ensuring incomparable quality.
The mythic tradition of the original gift box is refined without alteration, evolving with almost imperceptible subtlety over the years. The intangible pleasure of chocolate is rendered material through the combination of imperceptible details. The palette of chocolate is referenced in shades of brown, cognac and havana, while mythic designs are revisited in the hues of bright fruit. The original version lends itself to a myriad of iterations. Thanks to this never-ending quest for refined detail, La Maison du Chocolat box remains perfectly attuned to contemporary times. We take cues from the world of fashion to evoke a distinctive attitude, that innate, natural elegance that comes from exacting craftsmanship and meticulous finishing details.
The box expresses the refined couture spirit and good taste that transcend trends to become a timeless classic.



LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT SHOWCASES ITS DELICACIES, with an artful attentiveness that celebrates the exceptional appeal of chocolate.
Robert Linxe saw each instant spent in one of his boutiques as an opportunity to share the unique experience of enjoying exceptional chocolate ― for no other reason than sheer “gourmand” pleasure. This warm atmosphere, coupled with his irrepressible enthusiasm, established the tenets of the “house spirit”, a spirit that continues to thrive through the wealth of attentiveness reserved for each individual customer. 
Our staff ensure that this experience becomes a reality for chocolate lovers with warm generosity and subtle discretion. They are experts in their specialties whose insatiable enthusiasm for chocolate is palpable as they offer a taste of new creations or a rediscovery of classics, making each person who enters the boutique feel like a special guest in the world of chocolate. Each instant builds to form memorable interludes, an experience synonymous with a passion for chocolate.
Robert Linxe loved nothing more than sharing the experience of tasting chocolate, passing on his passion and enthusiasm for new discoveries.
IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD, France’s unabashed addiction to the pleasures of chocolate is the epitome of chic. And because nothing is more natural than being completely crazy about chocolate, we love to imagine novel occasions to indulge, dream and prolong the transcendent pleasures of exceptional chocolate.
ALWAYS CONTEMPORARY AND IN PHASE WITH THE TIMES, we continually delight our passionate community of chocolate-lovers and addicts with personalized opportunities to share emotion, such as exclusive offers, private invitations or amazing encounters that celebrate the raison d’être of chocolate. Chocolate is inseparable from the pleasure of the experience. Chocolate is an invitation to share the dreams that truly grandes maisons inspire, the unique emotion, generosity and savoir-faire able to transform every day into a memorable moment for our customers.
Thanks to this intimate bond, La Maison du Chocolat subtly connects both the quotidian and special moments in life through the pleasure of tasting chocolate.



    La Maison du Chocolat lends to its ganache nothing but the finest of flavours. Seeking at every turn this subtle balance, which is the signature taste of la Maison du Chocolat. Flavoured ganaches create intoxicating associations between the chocolate and the flavours they are composed of whether they be acidulous, fruity, or with subtle fruit and infusions.


    Among the finest and rarest chocolates, La Maison du Chocolat has selected and elaborated recipes for dark ganaches distinct, and noble, revealing to amateurs of chocolate all the aromatic subtleties of the best cacao vintages in the entire world.


    Almonds and hazelnuts, grilled, roasted, delicately caramelised. Slivers of almonds, crushed hazelnuts, crispy crêpe, salt crystals. Smooth or traditional. Let yourself by surprised by the subtleties of Maison pralinés.


    Instantly recognisable, the chocolate assortments of La Maison du Chocolat, are in precious gift boxes with grained paper and a signature ribbon in a palette of chocolate tones in line with the mythical and refined codes la Maison.


    Chocolate as the starting point.

    The pastry selection features the emblematic chocolate vintages of la Maison. The construction of pastry interprets the sensation of the finish to the roundness of flavour, the signature of grand chocolate.  In a spirit of refinement, balance of flavours, surprise and renewed creation, la Maison always proposes an interpretation in chocolate as the starting point of all its creations.


    Plunge into a world of finesse and gourmandise…

    La Maison du Chocolat put its stamp of nobility on ganache: silky texture of fresh cream and finely chopped chocolate. Enhanced with fruit pulp, delicately infused or revealing the nature of a perfect cacao, the dark or milk chocolate ganaches are side by side with our plain or flavoured pralinés in our assortments.